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ATM - POS Fraud

How Does it Happen??  (Skimming of Your Card Data)

  • You give your card to some one to pay a bill
    • They take it and scan it on a device that copies the Magnetic Strip data from your card.
    • They then create a counterfit card with that copied information on it and use it at any location that accepts cards.


  •  You use your card at an ATM or a Point of Sale (POS) location
    • The ATM or POS equipment has been modified to copy the Magnetic Strip data when you swipe your card.
    • That copied data is used to make a counterfit card which can be used at ATMs or at POS Terminals.

What Can I do??  (Be Observant)

  • Examine ATM's that you use to see if the card slot looks like it had been modified to be able to scan your card info
  • Look for any evidence (Tape Residue, etc) that would indicate that something has been stuck on the ATM to capture your card info
  • Look for any one standing behind you or to your side that might be trying to see your PIN as you enter it on the ATM or POS terminal.
  • Look for TV cameras or pin hole cameras that might be focused on the keypad where you enter your PIN.
  • Check your Card Activity reports either On-Line or on the Monthly Statement to make sure that there are no Fraudulent Charges
  • If you see Fraudulent Charges contact the Issuers of your card and get the card Hot Carded so no further charges can be made.
  • Get your Card Issuer to provide a new card, with a new card number and PIN for your contuned use

Where does Skimming happen?

  • Restaurants           -  70%
  • Gas Station Pumps  -  15%
  • Hotels                   -   5%
  • Car Rentals            -   1%
  • All Other Locations -   9%