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Customer Information Bulletin - February 26, 2014



Brenham National Bank

Customer Information Bulletin


Debit Card Safety – Did YOU Know?

With the significant increase in compromised Debit Card information, BNB wants to provide to you with some information about how we are trying to prevent fraud from occurring on your BNB Debit Card.


1.   There are two types of Debit Card transactions.  One is the CREDIT transaction which requires your signature to authorize the transaction.  The second is the DEBIT transaction which requires you to enter your PIN to authorize the transaction.  If you are presented with the option of either CREDIT or DEBIT, BNB recommends that you select the DEBIT transaction type and enter your PIN to authorize the transaction. (If you do not know your PIN, come by any of our 3 branches to re-PIN your card.)


2.   Occasionally, we may block Debit Card CREDIT (Signature) transactions when we see a rise in fraud at particular types of merchants such as grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, department stores, home improvement centers, liquor stores, etc.  If a CREDIT (Signature) transaction is ever denied, always retry the transaction as DEBIT and enter your PIN to see if the transaction will be authorized.  (Just remember, there could be other reasons for denial, such as exceeding the daily limit or insufficient funds.)


3.   Our BNB Fraud center monitors every Debit Card transaction to see if it is within your normal pattern of purchases.  If anything seems suspicious, we immediately try to contact you and verify if that transaction is valid or fraudulent.  This makes it critical that we have your current telephone numbers, especially cell numbers, in our data base.  If any of your telephone numbers change, just give us a call and let us know about the changes.  Then, we can immediately contact you, if our Fraud Center needs to verify a transaction.




4.   One rule the Fraud Center uses to detect fraudulent transactions is the physical location of the transaction.  If you are planning to use your BNB debit card while traveling to a location outside of your normal purchasing area, please give us a call and tell us where you will be traveling.  Entering that travel information into our system will assist our Fraud Center in evaluating the validity of transactions outside your normal purchasing area.


5.   We want to make all of your financial transactions with BNB as secure as possible.  As customers of BNB, we consider you to be part of our family and as our jingle says, “Serving the Community, looking out for you, at Brenham National Bank that’s what we do.”


Please feel free to email us at customercare@bnbank.com or give us a call at 979-836-4571, if you have any questions.


Rich Forst

Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing