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Brenham National Bank is offering a new service that will allow any customer with a BNB debit card to send money to any person with a bank account.

   We have named this new product.

 People Pay

Following are highlights of the system and how it works.


1. Any Customer with a BNB Discover debit card or MasterCard debit card can send money via People Pay to anyone who has a debit card or checking account at any financial institution.

2. The transaction can be initiated on your Smart Phone, Tablet or PC via the internet.

3. All you (Sender) need to know is the email address or cell phone number of the person to whom you are sending the money (Receiver).

4. The Sender can send any amount that is within their Debit Card Point of Sale daily limits.

5. There is no enrollment process or waiting period, however, you may register to make the process even simpler.

6. The Sender authenticates the transaction by entering their debit card PIN using the online PIN pad.

7. If the Receiver chooses to receive the funds via their Debit Card, transactions are completed almost instantly. 

8. If the Receiver chooses to receive the funds into their bank account it will typically be received the next day via the ACH system. 

9. A $1.00 fee is charged to the sender for each transaction sent. 

10. You can send money to anyone you wish, such as your children in college, your babysitter, your lawn mowing service, or your family and friends. 

11.They can receive the money instantly if they use their debit card or typically on the next business day if they choose to use their checking account. 

12. To start using People Pay, just go the BNB website and follow the People Pay link and then click on SEND MONEY.