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VISA Cash Cards

BNB now offers VISA Cash Cards.  Not like other department store gift cards, these cards can be used anywhere VISA is accepted.  You can even withdraw cash at an ATM with these cards, if the funds are available on the card.  You cannot do that with a department store gift card. Following are some other interesting facts about our new cash cards.

  • They are instantly issued in a sealed envelope with a PIN 
  • They can be issued in amounts from $25.00 to $1,000.00  
  • Can be used for Direct Deposit of your PAYROLL - NO charge to you or your employer
  • DIRECT DEPOSIT--- No limit to the amount loaded on the card
  • Payroll cards are personalized for free with your name printed on the card
  • The cards can be used anywhere that VISA cards are accepted, including ATMís  
  • There are no POS fees when using the card, but ATM fees will be assessed
  • They are reloadable, fee applies for reloads by a banker
  • Free Internet access provided to check balance, view history, etc
  • Cards can be replaced if lost for a fee

These cards are a great alternative to receive your Payroll funds.