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Report Lost or Stolen Card

Lost and stolen Debit or ATM Cards can now be reported and deactivated immediately using the Total Access Internet Banking System.

To report a lost or stolen Debit or ATM card, log on to Total Access.  Click on the OPTIONS tab and once the Options screen appears, click on ATM/Debit Card on the blue bar toward the top right of the page.

A listing of all of the ATM and Debit Cards tied to your Total Access Accounts will appear and show their current status.

To report a card as lost or stolen and immediately deactivate it, click the Lost/Stolen box at the right of the desired card and make sure that the check mark appears in the box.  Then click on Submit at the bottom of the page.

A new screen will appear asking you to confirm your request.  To complete your request click on confirm at the bottom of the page.

A new screen will appear that will show the Current Status as Lost/Stolen.  This completes the process of reporting a Lost or Stolen Card.

To get back to the Home Page and the Total Access Login, just minimize or close this browser window

IF YOU ARE NOT A TOTAL ACCESS USER PLEASE CALL 979-251-6103 and follow the telephone prompts to report and deactivate your lost or stolen card.